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Knits and Pearls

It’s officially sweater weather, and a good pearls + knit combo has never failed me! 

While some may feel that pearls are more of a summer accessory, I believe that they look chic as fuck paired with turtlenecks and cozy sweaters! And just because you’re pairing knits with pearls does not mean that you’ll be looking all preppy. Pearls and knits can be an easy way to elevate an otherwise boring and basic outfit!

Lately, knits and pearls have been my go-to for styling an easy pair of jeans or trousers. It’s an easy yet elevated look for Fall days of running errands, and grabbing brunch or dinner outside. 

To prove my point, see below for some looks that I styled of my favorite Fall sweaters with our lovely pearls. 


PSA: We’ll most likely follow up this post with a Tik Tok of some more pearl + knit styling ideas 😉  So be sure to follow us: @montserrat_ny

Inspiration behind Collection

This collection was inspired by an activity my family did almost daily during quarantine: aperitivo.

This summer, aperitivo time became ritualistic.

It was the time in the day, after our schooling or work, when we came together over tapas ranging from jamón, manchego, grilled baby bellas, artichokes, and gambitas.


As we ate and drank under the trees in the backyard, we divulged our Covid fears, discussed the actions we were taking to support the BLM movement and further educate ourselves, debated books we were reading and music we were listening to, and shared hopes for the upcoming election.

And Negronis became everyone's staple drink of choice for aperitivo at our house.

Our aperitivos gave us a safe space to hold tough conversations while connecting with nature.


This collection was designed to embody hope, growth, community, and strength. My hope is that these pieces make you feel powerful and confident while you do your part in the remainder of 2020 to work together in fighting for a brighter and more equitable future for all.