At this moment, starting this blog felt exactly right. At this moment, starting this blog felt exactly right.

At this moment, starting this blog felt exactly right.

By Carolina Cordon-Bouzan

At this moment, starting this blog felt exactly right. At this moment, starting this blog felt exactly right.

I started MILLENNIAL with the hopes of providing a platform that would band together the Millennial generation through fashion that expresses the effects of world-wide cultural and geo-political incidents on our generation and the generations to follow. I have big dreams in building out this platform to unite our generation in ultimately realizing and seizing our position as the future leaders of the world. At this moment, starting this blog felt exactly right.

First and foremost, I am so proud of all of you. I am proud of my generation, and you should be too. You all came out to vote and did the right thing– please don’t be discouraged by our political system into thinking that your voice does not matter, that your voice was not heard. In fact, we should recognize and appreciate that we are all on the same page, which speaks volumes to our intelligence and ideals as a generation. This makes me hopeful, as it should make you hopeful too.

But now is when the real work starts for us, the Millennial generation. We are one of the most crucial generations in history, as we hold the very heavy responsibility to bridge the gap between the older generations, some of whom have been lost to what we recognize as “old school” ideology rooted in bigotry and suppression, and the very malleable upcoming Generation Z. The Millennial generation needs to serve as the moderating voice of our divided nation, while simultaneously ensuring that Gen Z remains cognizant of the occurring dialogues that will ultimately shape their future. It is our duty to serve as role models for Gen Z by shedding light to the older generations concerning the need for gender and race equality, access to education for all, and a clean and green world environment.

To facilitate any change, we need to start being actively involved in actions that will further the changes we want to see happen. This will require involvement on a daily basis, not just the months leading up to an election. We need to start taking action every day towards the fulfillment of the equality of women, the acceptance of the LGBT community, and the humanization of immigrants and refugees. Equality, acceptance, and humanization are not hurdles, these are simple human rights that should be obtainable and accessible to all. It’s crazy to say that these are qualities we aspire to, as in the year 2016 these should not be aspirations, these should be a reality; but we Millennials are the trail-blazers that will cut the ivy-choked path towards a better world for future generations to be born into. 

This morning, my dad actually had “the talk” with me. Mind you, I am 23 years old, and my dad still reached out to me to have “that talk” that so many, like Van Jones and Michelle Obama, had feared parents would have to do on the morning of November 9th. Our talk was bittersweet. As we all remain shocked this morning, my father acknowledged that the most important action in moving forward is that we stop just listening to ourselves, and start listening to each other.

I know that the election’s results have left us perplexed with questions regarding how our home country views the status of women, LGBTs, and immigrants, so let’s pose these questions to one another. Have conversations. Share your morals and ideas. Let’s promise each other to help those that are lost in hatred, bigotry, and sexism to see the power in love, unity, and acceptance. Remember: united we stand, divided we fall. Let’s lead by example in demonstrating the power of remaining united.


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