NYFW #MILLENNIALTakeover Day 2: Sydney Sadick

By Carolina Cordon-Bouzan

Syndey Sadick

Sydney Sadick is the associate editor of the Daily Front Row and on-air fashion expert. 


What does being a millennial mean to you?

    I think being a millennial today means having more of an opportunity than ever before to pursue your ideas, passions, and goals at a young age. It’s about being innovative, confident, and hungry to get what you want, not letting age define you but instead allowing it to benefit you.  


    It's no secret that the fashion industry is in a changing period right now. As a #girlboss in the industry, where do you see the fashion industry going next?

    It’s hard to predict, but there will definitely be more of a focus on the merging of fashion and tech, whether it’s solely digital campaigns for fashion brands or technology being incorporated in clothes, the merging of the two fields are going to be even greater down the line. On the publishing side of fashion, digital is going to continue taking over, and I think videos will become as much as a daily read (or I guess watch!) instead of posts because it’s all about visuals!  


    Describe MILLENNIAL in your own 3 words. 

    Innovative, confident, daring.


    What's your favorite MILLENNIAL piece?

    The NYFW Fuel T! I don’t drink caffeine, but I do drink at least one decaf skim cappuccino a day, and probably at least two during NYFW. It seems to be working!


    How do you like to style MILLENNIAL? 

    It depends on where I’m going, but since it has a streetwear feel I like pairing the t-shirts and sweatshirt with either black skinny jeans or leather jeggings with my Gucci star sneakers—I like making it edgy.


    What is your favorite part about NYFW?

    I think just seeing everyone in the industry! Friends and colleagues of mine from around the world—London, Dubai, Paris, etc—come into NYC for the shows. People make a place. Without familiar and fun faces, it wouldn’t be the same!


    What is your go-to NYFW outfit? 

    My outfits change every season and my outfits are usually distinctly different everyday.  It’s hard for me to describe my personal style because I’m attracted to so many different pieces with different vibes. That’s the beauty about NYFW—you really can’t go wrong with what you’re wearing. Individuality is respected.


    Favorite restaurant during NYFW? 

    Now that the shows are either in or around Skylight Clarkson Sq., Soho House will likely be my go-to this season. If there’s time to eat, that is, which really there never is. #unintentionaldiet.


    Who is your style icon for FW17?

    I honestly don’t have one! I’ll let you know if I find one at the shows ;)  


    Top jams on your NYFW playlist this season?

    Call on me by Starley, Final Song by MO, Never Sleep Alone by Kaskade, Million Years by Gareth Emergy, Jubel by Klingande, and Destiny by Electro Royal


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