NYFW #MILLENNIALTakeover Day 1: Alessandra Badioli

By Carolina Cordon-Bouzan

Alessandra Badioli — ALB — founder of The ALB Standard is a trendsetter, visionary, and luminary. Her first word was Barney; not Barney the purple dinosaur, but Barney as in Barneys New York. She grew up doodling on lookbooks in the executive offices, following in the footsteps of her EVP mother. When she was not trying on heels seven sizes too big, she was in Italy, immersed in her bilingualism. To say fashion and culture are in her blood is an understatement. She is a connoisseur of high standards, style, travel, wellness, and art. The first thing she does each day is meditate and sweat. She is passionate about empowering you to love the life you live.
The ALB Standard is a place to visit when you need to fall in love with yourself and your life. It is a space and resource to inspire and to aspire towards. It is not about the destination, but about how and what you do on the path towards it.
Learn more about Alessandra, her style, and how she tackles NYFW in our interview with the brilliant writer!
What does being a millennial mean to you? 

                Being a Millennial is a challenging opportunity. There is so much available. Technology is at the tip of our fingers. As Millennials, we have to use it to our advantage. Millennials younger than myself are on their phones even more than I; today’s teenager is continuously Snapchatting and sliding into DMs, while my generation uses this technology as more of a tool. As a resource. People, places, items, products, and ideas that inspire and influence are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Instagram is my personal Black Book. It is where I discover restaurants and stores around the world, and learn about topics I may not usually explore.

                As Millennials, we expect everything to be immediate. When we shop for a home, we want to only place our toothbrush in its holder and organize our clothes in the new closets. We expect everything else to be ready and up to our standards. With this modern mentality, Millennials have delivered so many boutique businesses that assimilate with the times: Venmo, GLAMSQUAD, Handy, Seamless, and TaskRabbit. We are a generation that absorbs any and all opportunities of the world’s accelerated growth. The world is, therefore, in our hands. We are responsible for the future. This is why I have created The ALB Standard. A space for both Millennials and Generations X and Y for inspiration, resources, ideas, and support to take their lives into their own hands. It is our responsibility to create a life that we love, so that we can fall in love with how we live. We, as Millennials, have this unprecedented freedom and liberty.


    It's no secret that the fashion industry is in a changing period right now. As a #girlboss in the industry, where do you see the fashion industry going next?

                Wow. Yes, the fashion industry is literally being shaken and stirred. A lot is changing, both internally and externally. Executive shifts are this year’s version of Creative Director swaps. See now, buy now is the new online streaming of Fashion Week shows.

                Change is good. It is better than remaining still. Metamorphosis was called for, especially with how rapidly the industry is acclimating to modern technology. While immediacy will still prevail, the industry will maintain its brick and mortar core. As Saks Fifth Avenue’s President, Marc Metrick, said when speaking about the company's new contemporary store, The Collective, in Greenwich, Connecticut, “[we just need to] give people a reason to come” and brick and mortar will continue to thrive.

                People like to touch, feel, and try what they purchase. Even if they already own the same pair of shoes or the top in another color, dyes alter the fit of pieces; no two are the same. This is the essence of the shopping experience: the sensory appeal. Yes, you can visualize yourself wearing the piece online or on the runway, but getting physical with it consummates the affair. This is evident when considering new projects, such as Hudson Yards, whose retailers have begun to open stores, and Miami’s most recent revamp of the Miami Design District.


    Describe MILLENNIAL in your own 3 words.

                Innovative, personal style, worldly.


    What's your favorite MILLENNIAL piece?

                I am obsessed with the Ciao beanie. Besides the obvious Cartier-esque font and color, the hat allows me to express myself while sporting my Italian culture. Regardless of your nationality, remarkably because ciao is also part of the French and Spanish argot, this hat makes a statement. The quality of the item is superb. I find myself wearing it both on chilly and spring-like days.


    How do you like to style MILLENNIAL?

                I love that one can adapt MILLENNIAL to his or her personal style. I am all about taking pieces you love, regardless of the trend from which they emerge, and making them your own. We each have a personality, which goes hand in hand with our personal style. MILLENNIAL allows us to showcase this. I love pairing a MILLENNIAL tee tucked into high-rise jeans, or wearing a bigger size as a casual dress. You can, of course, cut and sew like Danielle Bernstein. Make it your own. The cropped FEMMEHOMME sweatshirt is another fabulous item to wear as under a statement jacket, or to throw over your blouse while exploring Portofino and feeling the summer evening chill.


    What is your favorite part about NYFW?

                The buzz and hype of NYFW is everywhere in the City. You notice it walking around, both Uptown and Downtown, in restaurants, and of course out and around show venues. It is fun to drive through the City to see the striking street styles and trendsetters strutting the crosswalks. It is appealing to all the senses. You literally feel it in the air.

                I also love the excitement of a new season, new ideas, and new designs. A prosperous future encourages people to be more positive and to live in the moment. When they have something to look forward to, they are more present, absorbing everything.


    What is your go-to NYFW outfit?

                My go-to NYFW daytime outfit is a jacket (black or navy // wool or velvet // Chanel or Akris Punto), with either a tee, like MILLENNIAL’s What Would Anna Do , or an Etro or Club Monaco blouse. I pair them with a pair of dark, cropped, wide-legged pants (cropped because they fit perfectly on my not-so-model-long legs!), or a pair of suede leggings. A pair of boots does the bottom trick. My favorites are my low-heel Guccis and my suede Prada heeled boots that have the most amazing metallic underheel. When I attend events, I always prefer a small(er) bag. I love my ALB Edie Parker clutch or the everlasting Gucci Dionysus with bamboo handles. I usually wear my glasses during the day (I have been wearing them since I was one!), so I do a very natural makeup look. However, I never leave the house without a fabulous statement lip!


    Favorite restaurant during NYFW?

                My go-to lunch locale is BG on Bergdorf Goodman’s eighth floor. It is like home: sophisticated and beautiful. The food is also fabulous. Traipsing through the store to make my way upstairs makes it feel like a mini sojourn. A time where you can be in your happy place. Bergdorfs is certainly mine!


    Who is your style icon for FW17?

                My FW17 style icon is Hannah Bronfman. I love what she stands for, both physically and personally. She is such an inspiringly organized, driven, and passionate woman, who sneaks in an early-morning workout before getting on her glam. She sports stunning, yet simple, cocktail dresses and pantsuits at fêtes for which she DJs or attends as a guest. Her look is feminine, yet not overly exposed. Something to admire. I would absolutely love to talk to her at a show this week!


    Top jams on your NYFW playlist this season? 

    I could not help myself…! My favorite NYFW17 tunes, curated exclusively for MILLENNIAL! This playlist is the perfect runway (and afterparty) accessory!



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