Not your typical minimalist jewelry. We have an attitude ;)

Montserrat New York represents the restless energy of New York City mixed with a nostalgia of carefree summer love on the beaches of Costa Brava. Each piece is designed with the mentality of what one would pack for a last minute trip: pieces that can take you from a comfortable yet chic travel outfit, to a night out dancing with friends. Montserrat grows and lives out of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. 


Carolina Cordon-Bouzan 

Montserrat New York was born out of the two worlds of designer and founder, Carolina Cordón-Bouzán: New York City and Barcelona. Born and raised in Manhattan, Carolina grew up watching her grandfather hand make window-piece jewelry for the likes of Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, and Queen Sofia of Spain in his midtown atelier and showroom, and spent her summers running through her paternal grandparents’ garment factory in Costa Brava. Carolina’s family history in design and fashion ultimately led her to create a label straddling multicultural lifestyles of Costa Brava and New York, and embodying the strong and sensual women that stomp the streets of both destinations.