The Vegan Leather Moto Jacket


Unisex Vegan Leather Jacket

Are you self-conscious that people think you're playing Pokemon Go when they see your USB cord flabbing around? (Maybe you are playing, but we ain't judgin, and we know the battery life struggle.) Then we've got the solution to all of your problems! Well, not all of them per se, but for sure your low battery problem.

The Moto Jacket features a hidden pocket detail which can house your portable charger, allowing you to run the USB cable in-between the lining and the leather down into the exterior facing pocket in order to ultimately charge your cell phone in your pocket while on the go without compromising style or functionality!

Another great part about the Moto Jacket is that it's made out of vegan leather!

Multi-Functional Uses:

    • Charge your cell phone (le duh)
    • Charge your Juul (if you're the smoking type)
    • Charge your bluetooth headphones (ugh, sucks when you can't listen to your music, right?!)
    • Anything that uses a USB to charge!

vegan leather (n): faux leather that carries no harmful features for animals


Exclusively made in NYC